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Private Cabins

Our private offices are of varying sizes that can accommodate teams of two to six people. Along with all our common amenities, each cabin has exclusive key card access, its own individual AC and an additional storage rack. We also offer customizations to cabin layouts. You can choose to lay the furniture based on your needs and comforts.

Dedicated Desks

A desk you can call your own! Feel free to set up your desktop, show off your table ornaments and store your belongings in the inbuilt lockable drawers. A unique glass top finishing also allows our desks to double up as personal whiteboards – ideal for notes, reminders and some casual mid-day doodling!

Conference Room

We offer a 9-seater conference room that comes fully equipped with whiteboards, stationery, a WiFi-enabled TV screen, and comfortable seating. Members can book their slots at the front desk or remotely using our membership management portal. The conference room is also available for external bookings to non-members and includes access to all of our amenities.

Virtual Office

If physical space is beyond your needs, Arohas offers Virtual Office memberships. At a minimal cost, you can use our coordinates as a business address for official documents, mail handling or parcel delivery. Membership Plan is INR 5,000 + taxes per month.

Our Ethos, Our Identity

The root of the name “Arohas” comes from the word “Aroha” which means “love,
compassion or affectionate regard” in Maori (New Zealand native language). True to its
name, Arohas signifies affectionate regard for its members because they are treated as guests. Hospitality is at the core of Arohas.

Arohas’ logo, two hexagons arranged to form an infinity, symbolise harmony and balance evident in the culture of Arohas. The warm colours of the logo indicate warmth
of care that forms the foundation of services at Arohas.

Business Amenities

Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

High Speed Internet

Stocked Up Pantry

Valet Parking

24 X 7 Security

Key Card Access

Dedicated Housekeeping

Front Office Team

Office Supplies

Membership Management System

Schedule a Visit. We would love to show you around !


Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

Arohas is a boutique neighborhood coworking space with a flavour of professional hospitality. Being in the heart of the most vibrant city, Mumbai, Arohas is cheerfully energetic and elegantly lively to charm you. Be our guest!