Comfortable Workspaces

Our Ethos, Our Identity

The root of the name “Arohas” comes from the word “Aroha” which means “love,
compassion or affectionate regard” in Maori (New Zealand native language). True to its
name, Arohas signifies affectionate regard for its members because they are treated as
guests. Hospitality is at the core of Arohas.

Arohas’ logo, two hexagons arranged to form an infinity, symbolise harmony and
balance evident in the culture of Arohas. The warm colours of the logo indicate warmth
of care that forms the foundation of services at Arohas.

Our Essence

The quintessence of Arohas is the young, vibrant, zestful vibe that encompasses the space. The effervescent enthusiasm will lift up your spirits and turn a dry workday routine into a joyful experience. A perfect blend of professionalism and care, Arohas gives you the comfort of home with a dash of sincerity. Give it a try!

Boutique Setup

We like smaller manageable setups. It ensures you are well taken care of and the feeling of community is deeply rooted. Boutique workspaces allow us a greater degree of customisation, and therefore, everything from our furniture to coffee to our art is handpicked.

Neighbourhood Coworking

Arohas is your go-to neighbourhood co-working space! Our goal is to create professional, hospitable workspaces that are easily accessible from residential neighbourhoods, making walking to work a real possibility in bustling Mumbai.

Prompt Service

Our friendly staff is the backbone of the Arohas experience. Our fully equipped front desk team ensures that your workday is smooth and hassle-free. Our cordial office staff ensures that the workspace is cool, your coffee is hot and the lunch is warm.

Workspace Family

Our spaces foster genuine interactions amongst members, where spontaneous ideas and organic collaborations become a very real part of your workday. Forge lasting relationships with members and belong to Arohas Family!

Premium Suburbs

Be at the epicenter of the evolving and diverse cultural landscapes and access workspaces at the doorstep of Mumbai’s premium suburbs.

Our first workspace neighborhood is the iconic Pali Hill in enchanting Bandra. With its old-world charm and heritage homes, it is dotted with the city’s trendiest cafes, restaurants and bars, boutiques and fitness studios, giving our members access to a vibrant experience in the city.

The Experience

Arohas was designed with creative thought and a warm heart. It is spacious, neat and bright with ample natural light streaming in through large windows. Special attention has been given to aesthetics, spatial contours, colour mix, and comfortable designs to make the workspace welcoming, pleasing and positive.

Arohas is not just a workspace but an experience! Though it respects the sanctity of professional decorum, it lightens up your work pressure by giving you an opportunity to mingle, de-stress and recharge. We take pride in the quality of our hot beverages that would surely perk you up!